About Me

Monday, May 19, 2014


Hi, I'm Laurence Do.  I'm a consultant specializing in development on the Microsoft platform.  Building SharePoint solutions with the latest JavaScript fads gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  However, I have broad experience across the Microsoft .Net collaboration and business intelligence spaces, and iOS mobile apps as well.

I'll be sharing on SharePointificate any interesting tidbits that shall be revealed to me in my trials as a consultant.  Occasionally, I'll get on my soapbox and pontificate on other random topics :P

Why blog?

I learned everything I know about SharePoint and life from blogs.  Seriously.  No... seriously. 

Hopefully some of these posts will help out a fellow dev sweating bugs in some dank, windowless cubicle.

More about me...

In my free time, I work with a startup company building iPhone apps. In my free, free time, I run, play badminton, Starcraft, and poker, and hunt for new vegetarian grub that tastes more like food and less like boiled newspapers.