Monday, September 05, 2011


Filamente is a SharePoint client for iPad / iPhone which I'm helping develop.

Browsing SharePoint sites from Safari is not pleasant, to say the least.  A couple painpoints:
  • - Cannot upload / download / attach documents.  That's kind of a problem, SharePoint being about collaboration and all
  • - Hitting the right buttons require ritual sacrifice unless your fingers are the width of toothpicks
  • - Typing in URLs and username/password every time causes drunken rage

Filamente attempts to address these issues, plus other nifty features:
  • - Register multiple SharePoint sites
  • - Touchscreen-optimized interface
  • - Upload, download, and attach documents
  • - Browse (sort, group, filter) and edit SharePoint list data
  • - View and edit Calendars, Discussions, and Picture libraries
  • - Mark any list, library, list item, or document as Favorite for quick access
  • - Annontate SharePoint items with a local, personal note
  • - VGA projector output

Get Filamente

Filamente is available for download on the App Store.  We have a free Lite version that's read-only (does not support edit / upload), but is otherwise fully functional for browsing.

Check out Filamente Lite on iTunes here!  Or get the full version here.

Visual Tour

List View: browse list items.  Easily sort, group, and filter on any column.

Add / Edit list items:

Document Libraries: browse / upload / download documents

Picture Libraries: browse / upload / download pictures with thumbnail preview

Calendar View: Manage calendar events with month, week, and day views

Discussion Boards: Create new topics, or reply to existing threads


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