Filamente - Filtering List Items

Monday, September 05, 2011


Once in a while an irresistible urge to write code takes hold of me, and writing code is suddenly more important than breathing air.  Or eating food.  Or sleeping.

So despite flying to the east coast and back this week with babies inconsiderately bawling all out bloody murder and pillaging on the plane, I pounded out a long-overdue feature for Filamente: item filtering on SharePoint lists and libraries.

There are two limitations with SharePoint's filtering that really bug me.  You can't select more than one filter value per column, and can't filter freetext columns at all.  I hit that pretty much every time I need to filter something so I decided to implement support for both those scenarios in Filamente.

For instance, show all items with Priority P2 or P3:

Or, show files whose name contains the term "hyperion":

Pretty nifty, if I do say so myself  :P  We should be rolling out this feature in the next couple weeks.


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